Call for MIDL 2020

We are looking for proposals from teams interested to organize MIDL in 2020. Please send your proposal to or one of the MIDL 2018 conference or program chairs.

Include the following in the proposal:

  • Location. The first two editions of MIDL were in Europe; we would like to see MIDL 2020 outside Europe.
  • Organizing committee, conference chairs, and program chairs. The committee should consist of visible researchers from multiple institutions, a mix of backgrounds is ideal, e.g. track record in medical image analysis versus track record in deep learning and machine learning.
  • Tentative dates, ideas for venues.
  • Suggestions for changes to the format and ideas to shape the conference, how to attract researchers, stimulate young researchers, involve clinicians and industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss options. We would ideally like to make a decision in September/October 2018.